The olive oil has a protective effect front to the colon cancer.
The benefit could be related to monoinsaturado oleic acid:

The Olive oil protects as opposed to the colon cancer, according to is come off a study made by the Department of Gastroenterology of the Hospital Germans Trias and Pujol, of Badalona, in Barcelona, that directs professor Miquel Gasull, along with those of Pathology and Biochemistry, and that has been published in the number of February of the Gut magazine. The equipment has come investigating in the last years the metabolic repercussion from fats and, in particular, the effect of the Olive oil, the oil of blue fish and the oil of seeds in chronic hepáticas diseases and the disease of Crohn.

In his last study and being based on the medical Literature that pointed beneficial effects on precancerous injuries, it has observed what happened according to the type of oil including in the diet of an experimental model of rat to colon cancer (very well-known and used by other groups of international investigators).

In that model the effect of three types of diet - with linoleico acid n-6 was analyzed, with oil of rich epaicosapentanoico acid fish n-3 and with rich Olive oil in oleic acid monoinsaturado n-9- on three determined aspects of the been cancerigenic injuries in the colon: initials, established tumor and aggressiveness.


The olive oil ingestion in the gestation improves the fetal state:

The children of mothers who have taken Olive oil during the gestation present/display greater postnative development - translated in the stature, weight, behavior and acquisition of reflections psicomotores- that those of the gestantes which they ingest fish oil, rich in poliinsaturados fatty acids. This is the main conclusion of an investigation made by the group of Emilio Herrera, dean of the Faculty of Experimental and Technical Sciences of the University San Pablo CEU, of Madrid.

According to Herrera, “we have detected high endogenous levels of vitamin and in the mothers and the fetuses submissive a diet in which the 10 percent of the greasy contribution has been in form of aAceite of Olive. Those concentrations elevated of vitamin and maintain until the young finishes the lactancia, that in the tactical mission of the rat, that is the animal used in our study, happens to the 20 days of the birth”.

The possible explanation for these differences is that “the fish oil is rich in poliinsaturados fatty acids, more susceptible to the oxidativo stress that the monoinsaturados fatty acids, that are those that contains the Olive oil. For that reason, in the presence of first there is a greater vitamin consumption and, that is the main liposoluble vitamin of the organism”.


 The olive oil improves the endotelial function in hipercolesterolemia:

The olive oil consumption in the diet improves the endotelial function in hipercolesterolémicas people, effect that can be measured by means of the use of echo-Doppler of high resolution. This is the main conclusion of a study made by a group of investigators of the Hospital Queen Sofía, of Cordova, and Francisco Sanchez, of the Hospital of the Guadalquivir Stop, Jaén, and published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

An equipment of investigators of the Hospital Queen Sofía, of Cordova, has confirmed that the Olive oil consumption improves the endotelial function in hipercolesterolémicos, work that has been published number of the Annals magazine in the last of Internal Medicine.

The hipercolesterolémicas people have endotelial disfunción, although they do not present/display symptoms of vascular disease, which constitutes a factor of independent risk to have clinical manifestations of arteriosclerosis. In this work, the group of Cordova has investigated the possible benefit that on the endotelial function can produce the Mediterranean diet, with a high Olive oil consumption. In order to analyze the vascular function they have used hi-res ultrasounds.

The university professor Francisco Perez Jiménez, director of the Lipid Unit of the mentioned hospital and coauthor of the study, is outstanding that “the investigation has taken place with patients, which is a singular aspect, since most of the works in this line they are made with healthy volunteers”. The 22 subjects including came from the consultation of hipercolesterolemia and in them the endotelial function by means of ultrasounds, a noninvasive technique was analyzed, which supposes another newness because “previously more aggressive methods were used”.


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