Virgin Olive Oil preserves all the original smell and flavour of fresh fruit juices, in salads, in sauces or in dressing for vegetables. It can be sprinkled on bread or toast and also on smoked fish or meats, and to accompany olives, sandwiches, or cold meat dishes.

When fried lightly or in stews cooked at moderate temperatures, virgin olive oil keeps all its properties, especially when using it with legumes and vegetables.

In fried and roasted food, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most stable of all vegetable oils, and it does not produce toxic reactions when fried, roasted or cooked. Indeed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil improves the gastronomic qualities of food. When frying, a thin consistent layer is formed around the product. This layer hampers the absorption of unnecessary oil and it allows the retention of all the food’s flavour and juices. Olive oil fries and does not cook, as other types of oil do.

How to dress a salad. When dressing salad it is very important to add first the salt, then the vinegar or lemon juice, and finally the oil. The olive oil covers all the ingredients of the salad with a thin layer, preventing other elements of the dressing from penetrating them. This is the reason why the olive oil should be added last.

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  Apart from the countless dishes in which Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential ingredient (we recommend you take a look at the recipes), we can make the some simple but absolutely delicious dishes with oil. These are our suggestions:

  Oil Dip: Pour some Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a plate or bowl, and add some salt and pepper. Dip some rustic bread in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and enjoy it with a bunch of fresh grapes. Bon Appétit! A young red wine is an ideal accompaniment.

  Oil Spread: Cut some rustic bread into slices. Spread some Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the bread and add a pinch of salt. This delicious snack goes very well with walnuts.

  Bread and Oil: Put some rustic bread slices on a tray. Add, drop by drop, some aromatic vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, along with some crushed cooked green pepper, to create a genuine "work of art". Put some sheep’s cheese on the slices and accompany them with a young red wine.

 Yogurt Sauce: Add a splash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, finely chopped chive, salt and squeezed lemon to a natural yogurt. The sauce can be used as a dressing for all kinds of food, from vegetables to meat.

 With cheese: Pour a little oil over the fresh cheese, either cow’s cheese or sheep’s cheese, with a pinch of Winter Savory (Satureja hortensis). The results are amazing.

 TOASTED SUGGESTION Aceite de oliva virgen extra of garlic:

- Toasted the bread on fire.
- Add some grains of salt.
- Garlic rubs on the bread and finally an oil spurt is add,    ¡ deliciou !.


 This is a recipe for making soap, handed down from generation to generation in our family. The recipe is based on olive oil, and it can be used for daily personal hygiene, especially for those people who react badly to industrial soap, as well as for cleaning difficult stains in clothes.


· 1 litre of olive oil
· 2 liters of water
· 400 grs of caustic soda (sold in stores selling cleaning materials)
· 150 grs. of pine resin (sold in stores selling cleaning materials)


  The night before, mix all the ingredients in a container or pan (to be used exclusively for this purpose). Some of the ingredients may damage certain materials.

  The next day, when you are ready to make the soap, add another 400 cc of water and heat the mixture over a medium flame, stirring constantly.
To see if the paste is ready we have to take a look at its texture checking that there are no lumps and that it has the consistency of custard.

When we think that the paste is ready, take it off the heat, and put the paste in a prepared wooden or metal box covered with paper on the inside. Leave it there for two days, and then you can cut the soap into pieces.

NOTE: If you want that the soap leaves but white you can add a blanqueante product, like a spurt of indigo; so that it smells well is possible to be added some essence (lemon, mills), as well as some colorante if we wished color.


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